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Developed in 2016, the Hapfo BALANCER is a faceplate with integrated and adjustable counterweights for woodturning unbalanced blanks. It is ideal when turning eccentric or green wood enabling higher turning speeds, it will also be an advantage when used with low weight lathes.

The Hapfo BALANCER is easy to use, simply attach the faceplate securely onto the workpiece and mount on the lathe. With the BALANCER in neutral position and the lathe switched off the unbalanced workpiece will swing leaving the heaviest part of the blank down towards the lathe bed. Then unlock the screws located to the side of each weight and adjust the counterweights towards the upright position until the weight is nearly equal. Lock in position, then turn the piece by hand to check the balance and adjust the counterweights accordingly, with the weights in the most suitable position start turning.

The BALANCER faceplate is made of grey cast iron enabling easy movement of the counterweights and it will never damage your spindle thread.

The counterweights have a spring-loaded catch making the neutral position easy to find. With the weights in the neutral position the BALANCER can be used in the same way as a conventional faceplate. Hapfo have integrated a centring tip which can easily be knocked out from the back if required.

Thread M33
Faceplate diameter 150mm
Weight 3.5kg