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Chestnut Products

42 Items found

  1. Chestnut Hard Wax Oil View Product
    Chestnut Hard Wax Oil

    Starting at £15.00 £12.50

  2. Chestnut Gilt Cream View Product
    Chestnut Gilt Cream

    Starting at £10.80 £9.00

  3. Chestnut End Seal View Product
    Chestnut End Seal

    Starting at £9.90 £8.25

  4. Chestnut Tung Oil View Product
    Chestnut Tung Oil

    Starting at £10.80 £9.00

  5. Chestnut Lemon Oil View Product
    Chestnut Lemon Oil

    Starting at £10.80 £9.00

  6. Chestnut Finishing Oil View Product
    Chestnut Finishing Oil

    Starting at £10.20 £8.50

  7. Chestnut French Polish View Product
    Chestnut French Polish

    Starting at £14.10 £11.75

  8. Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer View Product
    Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer

    Starting at £12.00 £10.00

42 Items found

Formed in the 1900s, Chestnut have rapidly become a well known and trusted supplier of quality wood finishes with a special emphasis on products for woodturners.

Used by professional woodworkers and enthusiasts alike, Chestnut Products’ finishes are often used in our workshop and can be seen in use by demonstrators at our shows.

The Chestnut Product range covers most finishing requirements, from staining and waxing to sealing and polishing.