Timber Services

Our stocks of timber are sourced directly from highly respected mills in Germany, France and North America, all of which produce fully certified timber. North American timber is 1st grade FAS, we only offer the best. Absolutely no second or third grades mixed in. Large stocks of both Prime Grade and Character Grade European Oak are stored in our purpose-built warehouse in fully insulated conditions. Customers are most welcome to visit to see the quality first-hand and pick their own order (please arrange an appointment to make sure staff are available as you will not be able to enter the stores unattended).


Timber Measurements

It is important, when buying timber and in particular waney edge boards, to have confidence that the measure charged is true and fair. At G & S we clearly mark each board with the width charged so that there can be no confusion. Customers can easily check the measure on receipt of their goods.

Waney edge boards are measured from half sap to half sap. If there is excessive cracking at the end of a board, a reduction in length is made clear by a line drawn across the board at the point where the length measure is taken.

The timber and building trades continue to use both metric and imperial measurements. We are happy to use either and often have to calculate from a combination of both! When we give a quote we show the total volume in both cubic feet (ft3) and cubic meters (m3). If we send out an order by carrier or lorry, an invoice receipt will be sent by Royal Mail accompanied by the picking list that shows every board measure for checking.


To Calculate Volume

Cubic meters – thickness in millimeters multiplied by width in millimeters then multiplied by length in meters.
For example .027mm x .300mm x 3.35 m = 0.0271 (m3)

Cubic feet – thickness in inches multiplied by width in inches multiplied by length in feet then divided by 144
For example 1” x 12” x 12’ ÷ 144 = 1cubic foot (ft3).


Waste Factors

There is always waste when cutting timber. If a finished width of 9” is required and cut from a 10” board, there would be a 10% waste factor. If the board has to be cut to length, the waste factor will be greater. However often off-cuts can be used for other jobs, in this case a small moulding could be produced.


Picking Orders

We can pick and deliver your order Timber Cutting Services to meet the picking list supplied. Orders are picked with economy in mind and we choose the most suitable boards for the job to minimise waste. Every board is roughly marked (freehand) with the components expected to yield from the board. Not only do we pick boards to suit a given project, we also offer a cut to size service.


Cut To Size Service

At G&S Timber we will meet your requirements at any level and offer a cut to size service from our skilled machinists. You receive your order promptly with no waste. Give us your cut to size list on the request a quote form and we will be pleased to give you a quote including estimated delivery time.


Planed All Round Service

This is a bespoke service. All you have to do is give us your finished sizes and our machinists will do the rest on our state of the art machinery. Tailored to customer requirements, this service will save both time and waste. Provide us with a list of your choice of timber with finished sizes on the request a quote page. We will be pleased to give you a quote including estimated delivery time and cost.