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  1. Carbide Pointed Burr 120g
    Carbide Pointed Burr 120g
    Now Only £14.21 £11.84 Save 10% Was £15.78
  2. Dura-GRIT Carbide Flat Head Burr Last Few
    Dura-GRIT Carbide Flat Head Burr
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  3. Dura-GRIT Carbide Sphere Burr
    Dura-GRIT Carbide Sphere Burr
    Now Only £16.18 £13.48 Save 10% Was £17.98

Dura-Grit make long life tungsten carbide tools that really work...and work...and work! Available in a versatile selection of shapes, Dura-Grit tools fast become an invaluable addition to any woodworker’s, modeller’s and DIYer’s tool kit.

Made with tungsten-carbide grit in sandpaper grades, braze welded to steel, Dura-Grit tools are extremely strong and aggressive. The tungsten-carbide grit won’t tear loose and remains sharp over a very long period of time and use.

Exhaustive testings repeatedly show Dura-Grit tools outperforming and outlasting sandpaper hundreds of times!