Parting and Beading Tools

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Parting Tools

The traditional parting tools are made from rectangular cross section, narrow at the cutting edge and deep to give the tool strength in use. They are used to part off wood (cut off a turned piece held by a chuck for example) and used to make tenons, spigots and sizing cuts as reference points on spindle work. They can also be used to make small beads.

Diamond Parting Tools

The thickest part of this tool runs along the centre of the blade and tapers to the edges giving the tool it’s special profile. This reduces the chance of burning the wood being parted off and the chance of binding in the cut.

Fluted Parting Tools

These tools have a flute running along the length of the bottom edge, this creates two very sharp spurs. In use the spurs make a perfectly clean cut before the bulk of the timber is removed. These tools have a tapered profile reducing the chance of binding in the cut.

Beading Tools

This is a traditional tool for making beads on spindle work, by rolling the tool one way and then the other way to form the bead, a small V cut should be made first to make room for the tool when cutting the bead. It is also used for making tenons, parting and depth cuts. It can make planing cuts on small spindle work.