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Hamlet 3/16" Diamond Parting Tool

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Hamlet 3/16" Diamond Parting Tool

Hamlet tools are made for both the discerning professionals and amateur woodturners. Made in Sheffield from high speed M2 steel they represent good value and will give a long working life.

A parting tool is used on spindle work to part off (cut off) a finished project from the waste material. It can also be used to cut a reference point when performing copying work.
This tool is called a diamond parting tool, diamond refers to the shape of the section which is slightly wider down the centre of the blade running from the cutting edge along the full length of the tool. Unlike the traditional rectangular parting tool only the opposing wider points touch the wood as the cut proceeds into the workpiece. This reduces friction and heat build up which can cause small cracks with some timber species particularly denser / exotic hardwoods