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European Walnut Bowl Blanks 54mm thick

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European Walnut Bowl Blanks 54mm thick
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Size variations
Our bowl blanks are cut directly from the kiln-dried boards we receive from our supplier. The thickness of these boards can vary slightly due to natural variations in the wood and the drying process.
The thickness advertised is a nominal size and the actual thickness can vary by up to +/- 3mm. In most cases the actual thickness will be within 1mm of the advertised size.

European Walnut circular blanks for woodturning, 54mm thickness

Heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Sapwood is nearly white. Usually straight grained and easy to work. Turns, finishes and stains well. Commonly used for gunstocks, veneers, furniture and turned items.

  • Kiln Dried ready for the lathe.
  • All our bowl blanks are supplied sawn with the edge sealed with hot wax to reduce the chance of the wood absorbing moisture if stored in damp conditions.