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Router Jigs and Templates

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The router is the most useful and versatile of all woodworking power tools. Lightweight and inexpensive, it is a must-have tool for the workshop where it can be used to shape, joint and cut materials especially when using jigs and templates. Router Jigs and Templates will show you, the budding craftsman or seasoned woodworker, everything you need to know to get the best out of this effective and valuable power tool. Anthony Bailey, expert with the router, takes you through the basic set-up and the fundamental techniques; explores the difference between freehand and table routing; and looks in-depth at the practical uses for functional jigs and templates. The techniques can be learned quickly and easily through the combination of Anthony’s approachable writing style and expert knowledge, ensuring that the skills you learn will stay with you and give you the confidence to create your own impressive pieces of work, whether you feel like having a go at creating a chess or draughts board, a roller-front breadbin or an attractive picture frame .Includes: • The basics of the router and how to get the best from it • Troubleshooting common problems with router set-up • Invaluable advice on personal protection equipment and good working practice • Expert guidance on freehand and table routing, including improving accuracy • Clarification on the difference and purpose of jigs and templates • How to make jigs and templates, from the simple to the more complex • Easy-to-follow techniques suitable for woodworkers of all abilities • 8 practical projects for the home that vary in difficulty, including a coffee table, a dolls’ house and dovetail drawer

  • Author : Anthony Bailey
  • ISBN13 : 9781861088888
  • Binding : PB
  • Pages : 176
  • Photographs : 536 photographs