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Robert Sorby Sovereign collet adaptors

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Robert Sorby Sovereign collet adaptors
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SOV-CT Sovereign Tang Collet Adaptor ensures a firm fit for Sorby's many flat tang tools. Tools that fit this collet include square end scrapers, hardwood scrapers, round nose scrapers, diamond/ side scrapers, curved and box scrapers, oval and standard skews, the standard and fluted parting tools, spindle and continental roughing gouges.

SOV-CO6 Sovereign Collet Adaptor 1/4" has the narrowest aperture and is suitable for the 1/4" spindle gouge. There are also a few tools that require no collet and fit directly into the 5/8" shank end of the Sovereign handle. Among these are the 1/2" and 1/4" bowl gouges, the 1/2" fingernail bowl gouge and the extra long multi tip hollowing tool.

SOV-C10 Sovereign Collet Adaptor 3/8" presents a 3/8" aperture making a fast hold for 1/4" bowl gouges and fingernail bowl gouges. It also matches 1/4" spindle gouges, fingernail spindle gouges and long and strong spindle gouges.

SOV-C13 Sovereign Collet Adaptor 1/2" has the widest aperture for tools made from round section at 1/2" and is perfectly aligned to take 3/8" bowl gouges and fingernail bowl gouges, the 1/2" spindle gouge, fingernail spindle gouge and the long and strong spindle gouge as well as the TurnMaster. The Spiralling System and Texturing Tool also use this collet.