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Robert Sorby 18 Tool Modular Micro Set

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Robert Sorby 18 Tool Modular Micro Set

The 18 Tool Modular Micro set has all the tools the micro woodturner needs to create anything from beautiful pens to intricate dolls’ house furniture. This set also comes equipped with micro decorating and sanding tools. The modular knurled anodized handles give the perfect grip. These tools are all scaled down versions of popular full size tools and give the turner greater control on projects in miniature.

This set includes: 888 Aluminium Handle 888/2 Micro ½" (13mm) Spindle Master 888/1 Micro ½" (13mm) Roughing Gouge 888/3 Micro 1/16" (2mm) Parting Tool 888/4 Micro ½" (13mm) Gouge 888/5 Micro 5/32" (4mm) Beading and Parting Tool 888/6 Micro Boring Tool 888/7 Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 888/8 Micro ¼" (6mm) Skew 888/9 Micro Round Nose Scraper 888/10 Micro Curved Undercut Scraper 888/11 Micro French Curve Scraper 888/12 Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper 888/0 Micro Sandmaster Tool Unhandled 370/0 Micro Spiralling Tool Unhandled Includes cutters: 370/01, 370/02 & 370/03 867 Spindle Gouge ¼" (6mm) 868 Micro Shear Scraper 873 Hollowing Tool 875 Round Skew