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Pfeil 8 Piece Carving Set in Tool Roll RO8

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The Ro8 starter set includes seven full-size tools and one chip carving knife. The tool roll is made of thick canvas.

Tools included in this set: 1-12 12mm Double Bevel Chisel, 1s-12 12mm Double Bevel Skew Chisel, 5-12 12mm Gouge, 4-20 20mm Gouge, 7-10 10mm Gouge, 9-4 4mm Deep Gouge, 12-8 8mm V-Parting tool, Kerb 12 chip carving knife.

Pfeil Tools are forged from a steel alloy made especially for Pfeil, ensuring outstanding elasticity and edge-holding. The tools are supplied pre-sharpened and honed razor sharp ready to use.