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Patriot Chuck Inserts- Excerts

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Patriot Chuck Inserts- Excerts
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The Patriot Chuck inserts are threaded adaptors that screw into the back of the chuck, the appropriate internal thread then allows the chuck to screw onto a given lathe. There are 18 insert threads to choose from. This being a great advantage over conventional threaded chucks. For turners with two lathes of different threads only the correct insert is required to make the chuck interchangeable. The other advantage is if you change your lathe for one with a different thread.

In addition to the inserts the Patriot also has Excerts, these are for lathes that have threads with a diameter larger than the chuck can accept. In this scenario the excert screws into the back of the chuck and the excert will then fit on the lathe thread. This will increase the distance from the chuck to the lathe. There are three excerts to choose from.

Key Features

  • Interchangeable between lathes
  • No need to change your chuck if you change your lathe