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Naniwa Economical Waterstones

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The Naniwa Economical range of Waterstones are a good single grit sharpening stone at a great price. Your getting a genuine quality Naniwa product with a price tag of an economy stone.

Like traditional Japanese Waterstones these require soaking prior to use and will cut very quickly.

Dimensions: 175mm x 55mm x 15mm

  • 120 grit - extra coarse and will bring a dull or damaged blade back relatively quicklys
  • 1000 grit - is fine but if you are patient it will sharpen even very dull tools. However where this stone really shines is in maintaining your tools. The 1000 grit quickly refines a moderately dull edge
  • 3000 grit - very fine and will hone a tool edge to a very high level of sharpness