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Kutzall Shaping Disc

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Kutzall Shaping Disc
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Kutzall Shaping Discs are the perfect complement to your right-angle grinder.

When compared to the fully-rounded Dishes, the Shaping Discs have a less-pronounced curvature, with allows you to effortlessly level high spots or adjust uneven surfaces. The coating wraps over at the outer diameter, allowing for edge-on detailing. Despite their relatively flat shape, their slight curvature allows for controlled, free-hand, flat or convex shaping. They are used for major material removal on carvings, logs, remodelling, and various do-it-yourself projects.

Tungsten-carbide coated in two coating styles:

Original coating -  the signature original Kutzall coating, which allows for smooth and quick shaping, and leaves a surface that’s ready for final finishing steps.

Extreme coating -  features more aggressive, free-cutting teeth arranged in a regular pattern of rows and columns. They are the fastest-cutting Kutzall tools on most materials and are excellent for ‘heavy hogging’ applications. The open patterns of these teeth are very resistant to loading, even on soft or gummy materials.

Available in 4 grades:

  • Black - very coarse - Extreme coating
  • Blue - coarse - Extreme coating
  • Aquamarine - medium - Exteme coating
  • Gold - fine - Original coating

4-1/2" wheel recommended operating speed range: 10,000-15,000 RPM.


Compatible with most angle grinders including: Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Milwaukee, Hitachi & more.

Fitting guide

Kutzall Shaping Discs feature a 7/8″ I.D. and are intended to mount on a standard electric angle grinder with a 5/8″ shaft. They mount on the 7/8″ shoulder found on the shouldered bushing or adapter included with most angle grinders. If for some reason your angle grinder does not have one of these bushings, you may obtain one by contacting your grinder manufacturer. Mounting Kutzall wheels using a shouldered bushing assures that the wheel will spin as straight and round as possible. This makes working with the tool smoother and more comfortable, while assuring that you use the entire surface of the wheel equally. The shouldered bushing is put on the grinder first, followed by the wheel and then the nut.

Tip: Shouldered bushings may be found on the parts list for your grinder on the manufacturer’s website.