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Knurled Brass Bottle Stopper Inserts

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Knurled Brass Bottle Stopper Inserts

The inserts can be used for the Bottle Stoppers, Honey Dippers and Bottle Openers they have a 3/8” x 16 thread to match. They are made from brass, giving excellent rust protection. Some of the harder exotic timber species can be so hard that it can be difficult to make a thread and the inserts can eliminate this difficulty.

If you drill a ½” hole ¾” deep in one end of the workpiece and glue the insert into the wood with a small amount of epoxy adhesive around the hole. When placing the insert into the wood, twist the insert back and forth to help spread the glue and push it just past the flush point of your blank so the wood will butt up to the wood. Once the glue has cured the blank is ready to screw onto a mandrel. Do be careful not to get the glue on the thread.

The inserts are highly recommended to use with the spectra coloured plywood blanks.