Joinery - Trusses

Well-crafted traditional oak trusses do much more than support the roof and walls of a property. The open space creates a stunning architectural feature giving much more aesthetic value to any building project. Design decisions should be made with your architect/ structural engineer and agreed with us. Once the truss drawings are completed and agreed final measures can be made on site to ensure precise manufacturing. After we have prepared the oak beams they are hand assembled and ready for delivery to the site and erection by your builder.

We manufacture the following types of trusses:

  • King Post Trusses
  • Raised Tie King Post Trusses
  • Tied King Post Trusses
  • Offset Tied King Post Trusses
  • Queen Post Trusses
  • Raised Tie Beam Trusses
  • Tied King Post Truss with Curved Braces

All our trusses are made using traditional techniques with mortice and tenon joints. We also include stainless steel bar nuts and washers through the top of the king post and though the bottom beam and blades for increased strength.

We make our trusses with fresh cut graded beams, strength graded  to BS5756 and they will have a high moisture content. Once in place the beams will gradually dry out resulting in some shrinkage and the development of cracks and splits in the oak. This is inevitable and adds much loved character to the appearance.

As standard we finish our trusses to a smooth sanded and unoiled finish, but if desired we can supply them with a sawn finish, adzed finish, or sand blasted. We can also give them an oiled finish prior to delivery if required. That said oak doesn’t need a surface finish and over time untreated interior oak beams and trusses will develop a beautiful honey colour whereas oak open to the outdoors will develop a silvery-grey colour.


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