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Hapfo Ball Turning Attachment

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The Hapfo Ball Turning Attachment KPF-400 is specifically designed for the dimensions and forces of the Hapfo PERFORMER 400-FU lathe. Balls can be produced with diameters up to 65cm / 25” quickly and efficiently. Based on a cast iron turntable with handwheel provided, and used in conjunction with the lathe hand-rest the cutters can be adjusted precisely for the job in hand. The ball turning attachment KPF-400 can also be purchased complete with hand-rest for use on other big woodturning lathes.

The KPF-400 is equipped with two different cutting systems. A hard metal plate cutter is mounted on one end of the tool holder. There is no need to sharpen the hard metal plate and due to the diamond-shape and large radius it is a very long lasting tool and ideal for rough cutting the sphere. A HSS cup-cutter is mounted on the opposing side of the tool holder for final finishing cuts. The depth of cut can be adjusted with the depth limiter screw. To change from one cutter to the other simply withdraw the tool holder, turn it round and the cup-cutter will soon be in place for the final finishing cuts.


  • Standard routers can be held in the upper tool bracket
  • Max diameter app 650mm / 25”
  • Turntable made of cast iron, integrated for existing lathe hand-rest base
  • Handwheel for precise adjustment of the cutter