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Hamlet 3/8" Square Skew Chisel 10" Handle

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Hamlet 3/8" Square Skew Chisel

Made from flat rectangular bar heavier than the oval skews and this gives a more positive feel in use and reduces the chance of chatter. The square corners are quite sharp and can score the tool rest, it is common practice with these tools to lightly file the corners along the full length of the blade, this will allow easier travel along the tool rest.

The skew chisel is such a versatile tool for spindle work, it can clean end grain, produce beads, v-cuts and plane, leaving a smooth finish.

Hamlet tools are made by craftsmen for both the professional and hobby woodturners. Made in Sheffield from high speed M2 steel they will hold an edge keeping sharp and reducing sharpening time. They represent good value and will give a long working life.