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GreenCast160 clear epoxy casting resin

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Mixing Guidelines

Mix resin and hardener thoroughly paying attention to base and sides of mixing pot. Work with well laid out tools and consumables in a methodical manner. Items cast outside minimum & maximum guidelines may alter curing times. Work at room temperature with well-seasoned low dry timber, ideal moisture content 9-15%

Suitable for use with powder, translucent and solid epoxy pigments between 1 and 4% by weight.

 Double mix to eliminate risks of tacky areas.

•  Easy mix ratio 2/1 Volume

• 100g/42g by weight

• Curing Time at 20°C - 72h

• B stage (tacky) 48

• Full Cure 14 days at 20°C

• Ensure all materials are at room temperature – for consistent effects.


Kept in unopened original containers resin and hardener have 24-month shelf life in normal storage conditions between 5°C and 25°C.

Health & Safety Precautions

GreenCast160 is a 2-part thermosetting epoxy casting resin consisting of GreenCast160 resin and hardener S-D7160

Although GreenCast160 All safe working PPE is recommended prior to use Nitrile gloves & safety glasses. Avoid direct contact with skin. Work with well laid out tools and consumables in a methodical manner. Reference MSDS for emergency information.

GreenCast160 clear epoxy casting resin is produced with high biomass content from plant and vegetable origin. Ideal for wood turning, casting from 10mm to 100mm per layer. Ultra-low viscosity for best in class self-degassing. Inbuilt UV filtration system crystallisation & VOC.

Main description GreenCast160 is a two part epoxy casting system formulated with highly translucent components, designed for wood turning, river tables and jewellery where high finish is required. The ultra-low reactivity of GreenCast160 enables best in class sectional casting in one operation without a change of colour or excess heat build-up. You obtain a totally water clear polymer. This system is ideal for castings from 10mm to 50mm large mass or 10mm - 100mm per layer small mass.

‘’Class leading environmental credentials from plant based origin’’

Key Features

• Excellent UV stability
• Casting up to 100mm in one hit
• Excellent self-degassing
• Water clear clarity
• Hard wearing
• Good resistance to thermal and physical shocks
• 40% biomass content
• 100% solids VOC Free!

“Machines very vell without overloading tools”