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Chestnut Rainbow Spirit Stain Trial Pack

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Chestnut Products Spirit Stain Trial Pack, Rainbow Colours

Contains one 25ml bottle of each colour. Can be used to try the colour or for use as a mixer to make a new colour, can also be used as a wash. Trial bottles are ideal for use when mixing with Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer to make tinted finishes. Unlike water based stains spirit stains are less likely to raise the wood grain. A great time can be had experimenting by overlapping colours on different timbers. Drying time is about five minutes. Colours included in the pack, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, and White. Apply with cloth, brush, spray or foam brush.

Ensure wood is clean and dry before use. All colours can be intermixed or thinned for delicate wash effects.

Safety Considerations
Highly Flammable (see Safety Data Sheet or warnings on can for full details).