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Ash Spindle Blanks

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Ash Spindle Blanks
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European Ash, Fraxinus excelsior

All of our Ash spindle blanks are Planed on all four sides.

Widely distributed throughout Europe, Ash is commonly used as sports goods and tool handles, its toughness and flexibility is ideal for these purposes. When steamed it bends easily, often used for bent furniture.

If it is streaked with irregular dark markings it is called “Olive Ash”.

Ash has a rather coarse texture, but may be well figured. It works well and is a great timber to experiment with colours, Chestnut Products produce a range of rainbow colours that can work wonders with Ash.

All spindle blanks have been planed on all four sides, ensuring they are both square and straight ready for turning. This will save a great deal of time if a square is to be included in the turning for furniture legs.
Each end has been dipped in hot wax to reduce the chance of the wood absorbing moisture if stored in damp conditions.