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Arbortech Mini Industrial Blade For Mini Carver

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This 50mm diameter TCT mini carving blade fits the Arbortech Mini Carver.

The blade has two solid tungsten carbide teeth making it suitable for use on tough hardwoods. The diameter allows rough shaping of smaller carvings and fine details on larger pieces. The blade gives excellent visibility and access to the workpiece.

The teeth are easy to re-sharpen using a small diamond file, giving this blade an exceptionally long working life. It has a maximum depth of cut of 10mm and a 4mm kerf. The design features chip limiters to prevent kickback.

The blade comes with a brass reducing washer enabling it to fit previous Arbortech Mini Carver models giving bore sizes of 9.5mm or 7.4mm.

Key Features

·        For use with Arbortech Mini Carvers

·        Perfect for freehand power carving

·        Great performance even on tough hardwoods

·        2 solid tungsten carbide teeth

·        10mm depth of cut, 4mm kerf

·        Easily re-sharpened using a diamond file

·        Supplied with reducing washer, fits all models