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Massaranduba spindle blank 35mm x 35mm x 305mm

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Massaranduba spindle blank 35mm x 35mm x 305mm

Approximent messurments

Width - 35mm

Length - 305mm

Massaranduba's heartwood is light red to rose red when freshly cut, turning dark reddish brown on exposure, the sapwood is whitish or a pale brown, distinct, but not sharply demarcated from the heartwood. The grain is usually straight but sometimes interlocked, and the texture is fine and uniform. The timber is hard and extremely heavy. Massaranduba is moderately easy to work despite its high density. It machines and finishes to a very smooth surface. The timber takes a fine polish and has a slight appearance of walnut. Gluing requires special care because of the wood’s resistance to absorption of moisture.