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Woodturning Blanks

Woodturning Bowl Blanks, Spindle Blanks, Exotic Blanks and Nuts

G & S Specialist Timber began converting hardwoods for woodturners in 2001. Dissatisfied with woodturning blanks bought in my son Shaun and I who run the company decided to begin converting timber for our own use and to sell the surplus to other woodturners. True to our roots there are no compromises with the blanks offered.

All the bowl blanks and spindle blanks are kiln-dried and ready to use. The terms “Part Seasoned” or “Air Dried” don't mean much as this could mean the wood is still damp and not stable enough to go into a heated home after turning. Some suppliers apply hot wax to the outer edge of blanks because the blanks are still damp and likely to crack if they dry too quickly, the wax will slow the drying process and help prevent cracking before they reach the lathe.

All bowl blanks from G&S have a hot wax applied to the outer edge and spindle blanks on both ends. However, opposite to the “air-dried” scenario this is to protect the wood from absorbing moisture if stored in a damp environment following purchase.

Spindle Blanks are planed on all four sides, making them ideal if you wish to include a square end for a piece of furniture for example.

G & S Specialist Timber first developed from a woodturning background; if we can offer any help or advice with your woodturning project we will be pleased to do so.

What woods do we supply as turning blanks?

Bowl blanks are available in Ash, Beech, Black Walnut, Cabbage Wood, Purpleheart, Oak, Poplar, Sycamore, and Zebrano

Spindle blanks are available in Ash, African Blackwood, Beech, Black Walnut, Cherry, Pink Ivory, Wild Olive, Oak, Indian Rosewood, Sapele and Sycamore

Nuts We also supply Banksia nuts in a variety of sizes