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Planet Rotur Original Pen Turning Kit

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Rotur Original Pen Turning Kit
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The popular Universal Pen Mandrel and accessories are available as a complete, portable kit stored in a convenient sturdy carrying case. The mandrel can be used to accommodate either one or two pen parts at a time and is suitable for turning the vast majority of pen kits.

You will never need to upgrade!
The popular Universal Pen Mandrel Kit including:
Spacers and cones for turning a variety of pen kits, Pen Blank Trimming Tool for trimming the ends of the pen parts accurately, 5 Quality Twist Top Ball Point Pen Kits, Quality Carrying Case and Instructions for turning and assembling pens.

  • Ideal for professionals and amateurs
  • Convenient for demonstrators
  • Includes full instruction booklet
  • Choose between 1MT and 2MT