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Dust Extraction

One of the main health hazards in the workshop is dust. Although the large dust particles we can see are a nuisance the main danger is the smaller particles that are microns in size and that float in the air long after the coarser stuff has settled. These are easily inhaled and cause irreversible damage to your lungs that builds up over time

There are several ways to protect yourself against wood dust:

  • The simplest are dust masks and filtered respirators.
  • Next in price range come industrial vacuum cleaners. Most of these have standard; 4" and 2.5" fittings to allow connection to power tools. These have internal filtration.
  • In a similar price bracket are workshop air filters. These are designed to filter out the smallest particles from the air and can be set to run for a specified time after you have left the workshop.
  • For larger workshops in constant use we recommend installing a chip extractor. These collect waste dust directly form the machinery and put it into sacks for disposal.