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Bowl Reversing Jaws

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Patriot Chuck Bowl Reversing Jaws

These jaws were designed for finishing the outside and foot of bowls. They are lightweight, but extremely strong solid aluminium construction with 10 different location points to hold a variety of sizes of bowl. Rubber grips hold the project in place without causing damage. The maximum bowl diameter is 9" / 10" capacity over bed bars.

When a bowl has been made the internal or external dovetail remains on the underside of the bowl. Simply hold the rim of the bowl by closing the chuck grips to the outer side of the bowl, subject to the shape of the bowl it may necessary to support the bowl with a revolving centre. Once the bowl is secure and at a low lathe speed, turn the foot off the bowl, sand etc.

  • Quick reverse chucking
  • 8 rubber grips to hold work
  • 10 variable positions