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Veritas Wonder Dogs and Pups

Product code: grouped-wonder-dogs-pups

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Hugely versatile bench top fittings, which come in very handy for all sorts of jig and homemade clamping devices.

Veritas Wonder Dogs & Pups are basically bench dogs with a length of threaded bar through the top, tommy bar one end and brass clamping face at the other.

Steel post and screw with black oxide finish, solid brass clamp head and handle

  • Stem length:
    • Dog 165mm
    • Pup 70mm
  • Retainer:
    • Dog spring
    • Pup O-ring

Choice is dependent on bench top thickness: below 38mm use Pups; above 38mm use Dogs.

All that is required to mount them is a 19mm hole.

Use for making: Long Clamps, Curved Work, Jigs, Unique Shapes, Bench Work.