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Veritas Steel Straight Edge

Product code: grouped-3065

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A prefect reference edge for machine set up and checking flatness of hand planed work. The steel is stress-relieved to remain true under temperature variation.

610mm (24") Steel Straight Edge:

Straight to within 0.025mm over the length
An invaluable aid for machine set-up, the 610mm straight edge is a good size for setting up stationary machines such as planers and jointers. At slightly more than 1kg it weighs enough to stay in place while you make adjustments. 6.3mm (1/4") thick.

915mm(36") Steel Straight Edge:

Straight to within 0.038mm over the length
Great for long-bed jointer and larger machine set-up, the 915mm straight edge is a good master shop reference. Weighing a substantial 2.6kg, it is 9.5mm(3/8") thick. The linished sides give a textured surface that makes the straight edge easier to grip with confidence.