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Veritas Shaft Clamp for Dual Marking Gauge

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On occasions, it may be an advantage to lock the relative position of the two rods on the Veritas® Dual Marking Gauge, such as when a project requires a constant mortice size, but different offsets. The shaft clamp lets you lock the relative position of the cutters while still being able to adjust the fence for offset. This allows you to preserve identical mortice or tenon sizing when joining parts of different thicknesses or when adding a reveal, since it prevents the cutter settings from shifting while the fence is being repositioned. Machined to precise tolerances to prevent binding on the rods, the 13mm long collar is made from extruded aluminium, with a turned brass thumbscrew that tightens onto the marking gauge’s steel guide rods without marring their surfaces. Made in Canada.

  • Hardened steel wheel cutters
  • Cuts wood fibres, rather than tears
  • Marks cleanly, even on cross grain
  • Wheels retract into the head of the gauge for storage and protection
  • The gauges are very easy to set
  • Made in Canada