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Veritas Router Plane

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With a ductile cast iron body accurately machined and ground flat to a high standard, the Veritas Router Plane is ideal for cutting dadoes and grooves or for cleaning out areas to a precise depth.

Blade depth is set by a fine screw feed and a positive locking depth stop sets depth of cut. A spring-loaded collar holds the blade, allowing easy blade adjustment and removal. The knobs are positioned for comfort and control.

Includes two high carbon steel cutters: a two-piece 12.7mm(1/2") straight forged blade and a two-piece 12.7mm(1/2") pointed blade (for final smoothing). Weighs 0.9kg(2 lb).

The optional fence (made of stainless steel and aluminum) can be positioned on either side of the plane and will work on both straight and curved pieces. In addition to using for dadoes or grooves, the router plane is the perfect tool for inlay or for cleaning out areas for hardware installation, where fine control is critical. If you would like to make a pair of custom handles, a hardware kit that includes two turned brass connectors, two hanger bolts, a hex bolt is available.