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Tormek T8 Sharpening System

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The best wet grinder in the world. The best sharpening system in the world. Tormek is stepping up their game with a revolutionary fully cast housing on the new T-8 model. With an updated design and several upgraded details, the T-8 gives you the best conditions possible for a successful sharpening with top results. It is a great improvement over the T-7 and places Tormek as the undisputed leading system for tool sharpening

  1. New modern design
  2. SE-77 makes square grinding easy
  3. Trough setting 1000% easier
  4. Trough cleaning 1000% smarter
  5. Oil included to set up leather wheel
  6. Alloy frame means it is the most accurate Tormek ever
  7. Steel plate makes angle setter storage easy
  8. Lighter frame for easier stowing

Included with the Tormek T-8 system:

  • SE-77 Square Edge Jig
  • TT-50 Truing Tool
  • SP-650 Stone Grader
  • WM-200 AngleMaster
  • PA-70 Honing Compound
  • Tormek Handbook and DVD

7 year warranty

Available from early June 2016. Pre-order now

Width: 270 mm (10 5/8”)
Depth: 270 mm (10 5/8”)
Height: 330 mm (12”)

Shipping weight 17,8 kg (39 lbs)
Machine only 14.8 kg (32.6 lbs)

Tormek Original Grindstone
SG-250, Aluminium oxide
dia. 250 x 50 mm (10” x 2”)
90 rpm, torque 14.7 Nm

Leather Honing Wheel
dia. 220 × 31 mm (8 5/8” x 1¼”)

Main Shaft
Stainless steel main shaft,
stone hardware and EzyLock.

Zinc cast top and frame.
Sides in ABS plastic.

Industrial single phase
200 W (input) 230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz,
Continuous duty, Maintenance free
Silent running, 54 dB
25,000 hour life

7 years