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Tite-Fix Tongue Tite Screw 3.5 x 45mm (pack of 200)

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 Tongue-Tite is a specialist screw designed for softwood, 
hardwood and fibre tongue & groove floorboards.
With the Tri-Lock™ TS threadform the screw will drive 
straight through the boards & into the substrate 
without pre-drilling. (Even hardwoods!)
Quick & easy to install and remove, with the benefit of 
a secure fix. (No more squeaks.)
  • The part thread reduces ‘Jacking’ where a full threaded screw 
  • tends to pull apart the jointed material.
  • A narrow countersunk head gives a neat flush fixx to allow 
  • the next board to sit in place.
  • The Tri -  Lock™ TS Threadform: Three flats on thread means less surface contact between screw and floorboard when driven in - which means less battery wear, easier to insert and the screw will not work loose as the boards are walked upon.
  • Star Recess (ST10) One bit supplied in pack
Just one size (3.5 x 45mm) to suit the popular floorboards currently used in today’s market.
Boxed in 200’s.
Tongue- Tite recommend that you insert the Tongue-Tite screw at an angle of 30 - 45 degrees to the exposed face on the tongue side, and start where the tongue & face intersect. This will drive the screw through the board and out into the substrate. Make sure the head of the screw sit beneath the tongue so it does not interfere with 
the next piece. We advise that you insert a screw every 300mm.  (Please note: If inserting a screw 50mm from the end of the board we recommend that you pre-drill to stop any splitting.)