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Sapele Spindle Blanks

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Sapele, Entandrophragma cylindricum

All of our Sapele is kiln dried.

Distributed through Central, East and West Africa.

Sapele is used to make doors, windows, stairs, furniture and cabinetmaking, boats, kitchen cabinets, panelling, decorative veneer. It works well with both hand tools and machinery.

Heartwood is a medium to dark reddish brown, the grain is moderately interlocked with a fine texture. Sapele is a good all round timber, it accepts staining and turns and sands well and will give an excellent finish.

All spindle blanks have been planed on all four sides, ensuring they are both square and straight ready for turning. This will save a great deal of time if a square is to be included in the turning for furniture legs. Each end has been dipped in hot wax to reduce the chance of the wood absorbing moisture if stored in damp conditions.

Please note - if these blanks are back-ordered there will be a 7-10 working day lead time to machine and dispatch them