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Rippled Sycamore Spindle Blanks

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Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus

These kiln-dried rippled sycamore blanks have beautiful figuring. Highly desirable and hard to find

Widely distributed throughout Europe and the UK, Attractive for its creamy white to yellowish-white colour, it is usually straight grained with fine texture and a silky lustre. Sycamore should be felled in winter and converted as soon as possible to prevent staining and discoloration.

Kiln-dried and  planed on all four sides. The stock we have is about as white as it can be. It was commonly used for dairy utensils, laundry and textile rollers, chopping boards, turnery, carving and fine furniture. Sycamore works well with sharp tools. Its clean white appearance will show the form of turned items beautifully.

All spindle blanks have been planed on all four sides, ensuring they are both square and straight ready for turning. This will save a great deal of time if a square is to be included in the turning for furniture legs. Each end has been dipped in hot wax to reduce the chance of the wood absorbing moisture if stored in damp conditions.