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Osmo Roller and Brush Set

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Osmo Floor Roller & Brush Set
Small Roller set with 60mm Natural Bristle Brush

For optimal application of clear Osmo Polyx Oils
  • 100% seamless microfibre - solvent resistant
  • Quick and professional application, saving you time
  • Optimal yield due to unique structure of the microfibres - high loading capacity and equally thin release of colour
  • Multiple use tray with disposable inserts - particularly economical

Directions for use:
Stir the Osmo Polyx Oil well and pour into the tray. Load the Osmo Microfibre Roller all round and roll well on the grid of the tray. Roll the Oil very thinly and evenly onto the wood floor, following the grain.

Tip: The microfibre Roller should only be loaded lightly. A lightly loaded roller will allow the user to cover approx. 4 - 5 m² of flooring. Please be aware that Osmo Polyx Oils have a high yield (see product lable) excess product and roller tracks must be rolled out or smoothed over immediately. With bevelled floors, treat the bevel separately with a brush.

When the work is finished, the roller can be wrapped in foil and kept airtight until required for the second coat the next day.