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Osmo One Coat Only HS Ebony 9271

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Product information: One Coat Only HS Plus Enhancement for exterior and interior wood, minimum solvent content, semi-transparent, satin-matt

Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is a semi-transparent, satin-matt exterior and interior wood finish with a minimum solvent content. It brings out the wood grain and texture.
Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is natural, oil based, and micro-porous. It does not crack, peel, flake or blister. Therefore, it is easy to renovate (simply over coat). Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is durable and weather and UV – resistant. It is water-repellent and moisture regulating, preventing the wood from swelling.
 Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is based on natural vegetable oils. Natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic healthy, and preventing it from getting dry and brittle. Shrinking and swelling are reduced. The wood is allowed to breathe. Moisture can evaporate.

Sample image shown is One Coat colour applied to Spruce, colour may vary on different woods


All exterior woodwork which is expected to keep its natural appearance, such as horizontal and vertical sidings, windows, claddings, clapboards (shutters), carports, fences, pergolas, exterior plywood, shingles, beehives, dovecotes, summerhouses, green-houses, flower boxes etc. Can also be used for interior wooden ceilings and panelling (Trial application recommended). It is excellent to renew old micro-porous stains.