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NOVA DVR Saturn XP Lathe

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The Nova Saturn is a 16” x 24” lathe is an excellent all-around wood lathe featuring NOVA’s DVR variable speed technology. This lathe combines the best features of larger lathes in respect to power, capacity and state of the art technology. These features will help ensure that your turning experience is more efficient, fun and safe. The NOVA Saturn is the most versatile lathe on the market at it's price point. The 1.75 HP DVR motor, features such as chisel dig sensing, favorite speed settings and out of balance sensors will help you with your creations. This motor has incredible torque while providing super smooth operation. With the ability to dial in your speed from 100rpm to 5000rpm, this lathe is the perfect solution to all projects from the smallest pen up to 29" bowls and platters. The NOVA Saturn DVR offers a 16” swing that is expandable to 29” with the option outrigger accessory. When turning spindles, you’re going to love the 24” span between centers which is expandable in 20” increments with the optional bed extension. For all your finishing needs, a reverse feature is also included thanks to our DVR technology. The spindle has a standard M33 x 3.5 direct thread, full swivel head and solid cast iron components. Standard equipment includes 1.75HP DVR motor, 3" faceplate, 12" Tool Rest, 2MT Live Center, 2MT Spur/Drive Center, Cast Iron Legs,Manual and Fastenings. Designed by Teknatool International, innovating since 1955.