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Narex Professional Carving 5 Piece Palm Set

Product code: NAR868300

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Made from Chrome-vanadium steel heat treated to 61-62 HRc. The handles are stained and waxed beech and each handle has a flat on the edge to ensure they can’t roll off the work bench. They are comfortable in the hand and give good control of the cutting edge.

  • Chrome-vanadium Tool Steel
  • Blade Length 70mm, Handle Size 82mm x 40mm

The set includes:

  • NAR-823000  Width:4mm Profile image: Flat profile
  • NAR-823300  Width:3mm Profile image:   U-shaped profile
  • NAR-823400  Width:6mm Profile image:  Mid-curved profile
  • NAR-823500  Width:8mm Profile image:  Shallow curve profile
  • NAR-823600  Width:3mm Profile image:    V-shaped profile