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Microplane half Round Rasp for 300mm Hacksaws

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Microplane half Round Hacksaw Blade is the best tool for smoothing and shaping large inside curves. It also works remarkably well as a general purpose blade. These highly effective and long-lasting blades, designed to fit into a standard 300mm hacksaw frame, are made in the USA from high grade stainless steel.

No matter the shape: box, flat, or rotary, Microplane's competition around the world are tools that have been made the same way for hundreds of years. The cutting edges are formed by punching holes into flat or curved stainless steel or tin. Files are made by grinding a rough edge that works by rubbing and tearing. Microplane tools tiny razor-like edges are different. They are formed by a totally different process called photo-etching in which holes are dissolved with a chemical, leaving edges that finely slice instead of tearing or shredding. Microplane Tools are better because they are sharp yet safe. Try one and expect a Miracle!

Key Features
  • Cuts - doesn't scrape or tear
  • Creates shavings rather than dust
  • Made from 400 series stainless steel
  • Cuts up to 10 times faster with less effort than similar products
  • Fits a standard 300mm hacksaw frame, can be used free hand