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Absolute Matt Emulsion

  • classic finish for interior walls and ceilings
  • water-based, environmentally friendly paint
  • incredibly flat finish
  • Little Greene’s most popular paint finish

Intelligent Matt Emulsion

  • matt and washable
  • environmentally-friendly and child-safe
  • suitable for all areas of your home including kitchens, children's rooms and high-traffic hallways

Intelligent Eggshell

  • moisture and stain resistant, staining
  • soft, low-sheen finish
  • for all woodwork and kitchen and bathroom walls
  • tough and durable

Intelligent Gloss

  • quick drying alternative to the Traditional Oil Gloss
  • use on woodwork and metalwork
  • brilliant high sheen

Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

  • high performance paint for external woodwork
  • self-priming opaque wood finish with excellent penetration


  • traditional breathable paint
  • soft, powdery finish
  • water-based and environmentally friendly
  • wipable
  • not recommended for areas of high traffic or condensation

Masonry Paint

  • 100% acrylic formulation
  • matt finish
  • best performance on stone, brick and cement surfaces


  • made from slaked lime
  • traditional, breathable finish
  • for use on stone and brick walls, porous masonry and lime plaster
  • supplied as a putty; dilution is required
  • colour and opacity is achieved by the application of successive coats

Tom's Oil Eggshell

  • low sheen
  • is tough enough to withstand wear and tear and repeated cleaning
  • for woodwork and metalwork
  • superb durability and has excellent flow

Traditional Oil Gloss

  • classic high sheen finish
  • popular choice for general interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork

Floor Paint

  • suitable for wood and concrete floors
  • exceptionally tough mid-sheen finish

Intelligent Primer Undercoat

  • high quality, quick-drying, combined primer & undercoat for bare wood

Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat

  • classic primer & undercoat
  • excellent flow and levelling
  • perfect smooth finish on all interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork