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Lie Nielsen No. 97 1/2 Small Chisel Plane

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After making some prototypes of this interesting and unusual plane, discontinued by Stanley in 1944, it became apparent that a smaller version would be handy. So Lie Nielsen offer the Chisel Plane in the original size, 10" (25.40cm) x 2¼" (5.71cm), and this plane at half the size, 6½" (16.51cm) x 1¾" (4.44cm).

A Chisel Plane is not meant to function as an ordinary plane because it has no support ahead of the blade. However, as a clean-up tool, with the blade set flush with the sole, this plane excels at removing glue, trimming plugs and dovetails flush or cleaning the very corners of rabbets.

Bronze body and cap, Cherry knob, and Stainless Steel blade adjuster with a hefty 3/16" (4.76mm) blade.