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Lie Nielsen No. 3 Bench Plane Bronze

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Cast in manganese bronze, have the unique Stanley Bedrock frog design. A fully machined mating fit between the frog and body, with the maximum possible area of contact and with the added benefit of being able to move the frog backwards or forwards, allowing the opening or closing of the plane's mouth without having to remove the lever cap or blade. The soles are hand flattened. Knobs and handles are polished cherry wood. The A2 cryogenically treated blades are a full 3.2mm(1/8”) thick and all that is required is a light honing of the blade before the plane is ready to use.
The No. 2 is 190mm(7.1/2”) long with a 41mm(1. 5/8”) wide blade and weighs 1.48kg(3.1/4lb).
The No. 3 is 200mm(8”) long with a 44mm(1.3/4”) wide blade and weighs 1.82kg(3.1/2lb).