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Lie Nielsen Boggs Spokeshaves

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The Boggs Spokeshave is a collaboration between Kentucky Master Chair Maker Brian Boggs and Lie Nielsen Toolworks. It is hefty and solid, weighing 12 oz. Body is 10" long, with a 1" (2.54cm) wide flat sole. 2" (5.08cm) x 1/8" (3.17mm) thick A-2 blade, Bronze body and cap. Hickory handles. Designed for fine, precise shaping in all woods. Also available with a curved sole (5" (12.70cm) radius).


Geometry: The blade has a 25° bevel and is bedded at 40° to the sole, bevel down. This tool is set up to take thin shavings (maximum .008-.010” or so). A tool with a large mouth will not perform as well on finish cuts. If you need a heavier cut, the tool can be easily modified by filing a chamfer on the leading edge of the mouth to allow a bigger shaving to pass.

Blade Sharpening: The blade comes ready to use. Slight additional honing will increase performance. A secondary bevel of up to 5 degrees helps achieve a razor edge quickly. This also improves edge life in hardwoods.

Blade Adjustment: The easiest way to adjust the depth of cut is to lay the sole on a flat wood surface, loosen the cap and advance the blade until it touches the wood evenly. Tighten the cap screw. This should produce a thin shaving. If not, or if more cut is desired, either repeat with a paper shim under the front edge of the sole, or tap the back of the blade gently with a small hammer.

Curved Sole: The approximately 5” radius on the curved sole is intended for inside curves. The sole can be modified by the user for tighter radii.

Materials: Manganese Bronze Body and Cap, Brass Thumbscrew. Heartwood hickory handles.

The blade is A-2 tool steel hardened to Rockwell 60-62, cryogenically treated and double tempered. Our heat treating technique ensures that the blade will take and hold a very fine edge for a long time. After heat treating, the blade is fully surface ground on the top, back, and cutting edge, giving a smooth, flat surface that will take a mirror finish very quickly.

Maintenance: Polish the bronze parts with any good brass polish or enjoy the patina that develops with age and use. Oil the blade to prevent rust.

Guarantee: Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for the life of your tool.