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Horse Chestnut Bowl Blanks 50mm thick

Product code: grouped-chestnut-blanks-50mm

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Size variations
Our bowl blanks are cut directly from the kiln-dried boards we receive from our supplier. The thickness of these boards can vary slightly due to natural variations in the wood and the drying process.
The thickness advertised is a nominal size and the actual thickness can vary by up to +/- 3mm. In most cases the actual thickness will be within 1mm of the advertised size.

Horse Chestnut circular blanks for woodturning, 50mm thickness

Horse Chestnut is a fairly light wood and has a fine, even texture making it ideal for turning. The heartwood is yellowish brown and the sapwood is paler, tending towards white. It sands and finishes well and is commonly used for veneers and turned items.

Best known for its nuts (conkers) which are toxic to horses, hence its common name.

Our Horse Chestnut has been air-dried for many years and is wax-sealed to prevent moisture content rising if stored in damp conditions.