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Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Colour Wood Dyes

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Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Colour Wood Dyes
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Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Colour Wood Dyes are water based wood dyes. Eleven beautiful and atmospheric shades of colour developed and mixed by Hampshire Sheen developer Martin Saban-Smith in the workshop. Comes with a handy colouring guide of the technique Martin uses to colour his work.

Bottle size: 250ml.

Intrinsic Colour Guide:

Black: In several coats you can build up a deep, pure black shade.
Burnt Orange: A dark orange, on the orangey side of brown.
Earth: A warm brown, the colour of drying mud. Sounds bad, but makes a great undercoat or accent colour.
Flame: A bright yellow-orange. Add luxurious fire by blending with Burnt Orange and Ruby.
Forest Green: Rich green, quite dark, a lot like Jade. A great accent colour and blends well with Straw and Honey.
Honey: A glorious yellow. Superb as a bold single colour or a ‘wash’ overcoat.
Midnight Blue: Deep blue with hint of purple. Add to quilted figure and catch the purple glint as you turn the piece.
Plum: Sumptuous Purple. Looks quite Royal, lending an air of expense to your work.
Ruby: Darkish red, Ruby adds a deep and opulent shade which blends superbly with Burnt Orange
Stone Blue: A fairly bright blue. Mixes magnificently with Midnight Blue.
Straw: A rich yellowy-green. Almost grasslike, one of the brightest colours and mixes well with Stone Blue to create a luxury green.