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From the Anvil Pewter Patina Medium Bean Thumblatch

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Handmade Medium Bean Thumblatch - Pewter

Product information
The most traditional design of Thumblatch with staple and keep and decorated bar. This is the most popular style of Thumblatch in our range. The thumb piece passes through the door and raises the latch bar, or lifter, off the keep.To restrict the latch bar movement a staple pin is provided.

Additional information
These latches are one of the most evocative period pieces available to you if you are creating an authenic feel and atmosphere with your restoration project.
There is a uniquely satisfying clanking sound as the thumb plate is depressed or the latch bar clicks into the notch of the keep. Each door has its own unique sound, too depending on its method of construction and quality of timber used. Over the years you'll eventually get to know each one as it's opened- and by whom- almost as if each room has been given it's own voice.
If you require locking your toilet or bathroom door the locking staple pin 33648 is the answer. It has a leather thong with a pin to stop the movement of the latch bar.
Sold as a set and supplied with necessary fixing screws.

Pewter Patina is elegant and beautifully highlights the texture of the steel. Stylish and modern, it is equally suited to a new home as well as a period one. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties. Externally this finish requires no more than an occasional cleaning with a damp cloth. If you want a maintenance free finish combined with a superb natural metal colour then pewter patina is ideal.
Dimensions 8½" x 2"
Finish Pewter