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Colt Woodturning Starter Set

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This Colt woodturning Starter Set is an ideal system for anyone boring into end grain or cross grain on a woodturning lathe.  The adapter fits directly into the tailstock and will accept the Colt extension rods and MaxiCut Forstener bits with many sizes to choose from to match any project.

The patented RotaStop® system eliminates the chance of rotation in use as the bit is locked in the adaptor or extension. It is easy to unlock the bit when the work is completed by twisting the bit about a 1/4 turn.  COLT MaxiCut RotaStop® forstner bits guarantee a faster cutting performance compared to any other forstner bit. Ideal for drilling  pepper mills, vases, hollow forms and more.

Kit includes:

  • Colt MaxiCut® RotaStop® adapter 2MT
  • 150mm Colt MaxiCut® RotaStop® extension
  • 1.1/16” Colt MaxiCut® RotaStop®