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COLT MaxiCut RotaStop Forstner bit (metric)

Product code: colt-forstner-metric

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COLT MaxiCut RotaStop® forstner bits guarantee a faster cutting performance compared to any other forstner bit.

Key features include:

  • a cutting centre point that offers no resistance as it cuts through the wood ahead of the main cutters
  • asymmetrical chip breakers that cut the swarf into chips rather than swirls making waste easier to remove
  • made from the finest raw material giving ultimate sharpness and maximum tool life
  • uses the unique RotaStop® shank system eliminating the risk of rotation in the chuck

The unique RotaStop® shank system:

  • eliminates the risk of rotation in the chuck with no need for allen screws when working with extension rod
  • automatically locks into any chuck and eliminates the possibility of rotation which can lead to damage on the shank
  • RotaStop® will also lock and unlock quickly and easily in a MaxiCut® extension rod
  • the extension rod shank also has the RotaStop® design, which can be fitted into a chuck or into one of the MaxiCut® Morse taper adaptator.