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Chestnut NyWeb Sanding Pads

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Nyweb pads are mildly abrasive for use after sanding for that final smoothing process to give a near-perfect surface prior to applying any finish.

Very long lasting, these pads are also very flexible and do not crumble, thus avoiding any fear of contamination of your work.

Easily cut to shape with scissors

Which colour Nyweb pad do I need?

  • Green - standard grade (approx 400 grit)
  • Red - extra fine (approx 600 grit)
  • Orange - ultra fine (approx 1000 grit)
  • White - non abrasive. Use for the application of finishes

Work safely: Take care when using these pads with the lathe revolving. Holding the pad loosely ensures that your hand is not drawn into your lathe if the pad should snag